John & The Firm

John Cappetta

Andesite Capital is a private investment firm in San Diego, California run by John Cappetta specializing in real estate, small business management, and the film industry. Andesite is forging a new model for private equity which is grounded in a strong personal and corporate ethical code, unafraid to consider all of the relevant stakeholders when making decisions including the environment, our employees, and the wellbeing of our customers and partners. 

Before starting Andesite, John spent two decades as a successful investment banker and business leader at Citibank, Credit Suisse First Boston and the American International Group in New York and Connecticut, ultimately rising to the position of President of AIG Financial Securities and Head of the North American businesses at AIG Financial Products. John moved back to his native Southern California in 2006 where he has remained active as a private equity and real estate investor and advisor. In January of 2013, John formed Andesite Capital Management and consolidated all of his commercial activities under one umbrella.